The "Sea & Sun" rooms and studios in Chania, Crete.

Welcome to the "Sea & Sun" rooms and studios in Chania, Crete. This name and the text below refer to a fictional company.

We are located in Akrotiri, one of Crete's most beautiful peninsulas, very close to the town of Chania, the International airport and some of the most iconic beaches of Crete. It is a perfect spot for exploring the area!

Our chic and modern rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art amenities, offering stunning views over the sea and the town. Our pool is an excellent spot to relax and have fun.
The "Sea & Sun" rooms and studios in Chania, Crete.




Relax by the pool


Spacious and fully equipped
Free bicycles

Free bicycles

Explore Akrotiri
Group excursions

Group excursions

Get to know Crete!

Offers and Packages

Room, breakfast

+5 € per day per adult.
Kids: no extra charge

Book 60 days earlier
and save 30%


Tina Gordon 19.Dez.2019
The views of Chania are absolutely breathtaking. Such a beautiful location in Akrotiri! This place is sensational.
Kate Elrond 18.Mrz.2019
Perfect views over the sea. Thank you to the friendly staff. We had a fabulous stay.
Γιάννης Νικολαΐδης 22.Okt.2019
Φέτος ήταν η τρίτη διαμονή μας στο Sea & Sun. Κάθε φορά είναι μια διαφορετική, μαγευτική εμπειρία!
John Yates 17.Jun.2015
An amazing place to stay. I can't say enough good things!